Damn Yankees!


Theatre Review: Otterbein’s Damn Yankees Bursting With Joy

Damn Yankees, the perennial Springtime crowd pleaser musical since 1955, with a score by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross and book by George Abbott and Douglass Wallop, opened Thursday at Otterbein in a sparkling production directed by Mark Mineart.

This show doesn’t work without a duo of Applegate and Lola who are charming enough to make us think, “Yeah, I’d sign that away,” and diabolical and steel-willed to sell that they’d kill or maim without much of a second thought. Otterbein’s production excels at that. Kane’s Lola is a revelation, a torrent of calculated sex appeal and a jaw-dropping gift for physical comedy. She rips into the one song from the play that’s turned into a Standard “Whatever Lola Wants” with both hands, radar-gun eyes and a smile like a razor. Labrecque’s tightly-wound when-he-stops-smiling-there’s-a-problem Applegate is riveting whenever he’s on the stage.